Introducing faster and easier gas installations.


Designed for domestic and commercial gas installations, Flexigas is the expert choice for plumbers who are looking for an efficient, lightweight, flexible alternative to rigid copper or steel. Flexigas is approved by British Standards under the KiteMark certification scheme and is manufactured in accordance with BS 7838 and EN 15266.


Easier, faster, safer, more affordable.

Flexigas typically saves up to 75% of the time required for copper or steel installations. And because it can be bent by hand and passed through interior spaces easily it can be installed using long continuous runs of tubing.

The patented Flexigas fittings ensure a secure seal in a matter of seconds without the need for any specialist tools. No soldering, sealants or heavy crimping tools are required. Further, as Flexigas requires far fewer fittings than traditional methods (you don’t even need elbows) there are far fewer locations where a gas leak might occur. Due to its flexible nature, Flexigas will also absorb some of the stresses that rigid tubing might be subject to during the construction process and over its working lifetime.


Fully Certified & Patented Design

Flexigas is certified under the British Standards KiteMark certification scheme to both EN 15266 and BS7838. The Kitemark is recognised throughout the UK and the world as a mark of a truly quality product. Not only have we tested Flexigas directly with British Standards but as part of the Kitemark scheme our products undergo regular on-going testing and manufacturing locations are audited annually by British Standards.

The Flexigas cover meets the requirements for direct burial under BS 6891.

Flexigas has certification to EN 15266 in Belgium under the GAS.BE certification scheme.

The Flexigas system includes a number of patented and patent pending features, which allows a secure metal-metal seal in seconds.

As part of the BSI Kitemark and Gas.BE certifications, Flexigas has undergone testing under fire conditions and has passed both EN1775 Annex A & B, and can therefore be used in protected areas.


How Does Flexigas compare to Copper?


Flexigas is built to withstand stress caused to rigid pipework. Flexigas also requires far fewer fittings than conventional pipework so there are far fewer points in the gas installation from where a leak might occur.


Once installed, Flexigas looks great. The yellow cover means that the tubing is easily identified as gas and the unique tail on the Flexigas fittings means only a very small amount of silicone tape is required.


Flexigas connections can be made in seconds – a welcome alternative to soldering each joint. And as Flexigas can be passed around obstacles easily, far fewer manual connections are needed and even the largest sizes can be bent by hand.


Flexigas is comparable to the cost of copper per metre, especially for larger DN sizes. When using Flexigas, jobs are easier to estimate and significantly faster to complete, reducing the overall cost of the job.


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