Introducing FlexiGas Semi Rigid Gas Tubing (CSST), 

a lightweight alternative to rigid copper or steel. It consists of Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) with brass fittings that form a 100% metal to metal seal (no plastic seals or gaskets) with no specialist tools required. 

Designed for Domestic and Commercial gas installations, FlexiGas is approved by BSI Under the Kitemark Certification Scheme and is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 15266 


Make Gas Connection in Seconds! 

FlexiGas tubing typically saves 50%-75% of the time required for copper or steel installations. Connections can be made in seconds and as FlexiGas is flexible it can be bent by hand and passed through interior spaces easily.


A True Alternative to Copper 

FlexiGas is a true alternative to copper and rigid tubing, not just an expensive option for niche installations. Not only will you save time but FlexiGas tubing is competitive with the price of copper, particularly for larger DN sizes. 


no Plastic seals or gaskets.

Plastic and gas do not mix, its just common sense! FlexiGas uniquely designed fittings do not contain any plastic seals or gaskets and form a 100% gas tight metal-metal seal with no specialist tools. FlexiGas fittings are designed to hug the corrugations in the CSST flexible tubing and cause the last corrugation to deform into a secure flared position on tightening.