FlexiGas™, flexible stainless steel semi-rigid gas tubing 

is the expert choice for plumbers who are looking for an efficient, lightweight, flexible alternative to rigid copper or steel.

Typically Flexigas™ is 4 x faster to install than copper or rigid steel installations. Because of the semi rigid nature of the tubing, Flexigas™ can be bent by hand and passed through interior spaces easily, in a similar fashion to electrical cable, resulting in fewer fittings being used. The unique Flexigas™ fittings ensure a secure seal in a matter of seconds without the need for any specialist tools.

Designed for all domestic and commercial gas applications including new installations, repairs and extensions, the Flexigas™ system will save you time and money. With no special tools required there are no setup costs associated with switching to the Flexigas™ system.

The Flexigas™ system is approved by BSI under the KiteMark certification scheme and is manufactured in accordance with BS7838:1996 and EN 15266:2007. 

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What is Semi Rigid STainless steel Tubing (CSST Tubing)?

Semi Rigid Stainless Steel Tubing (Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing or CSST) is flexible tubing made from a sheet of stainless steel that is formed into a series of corrugations. The corrugations are what allow the tube to bend easily by hand but still maintain the integrity and strength of a steel tube. When a bend is made with the tubing, each corrugation slowly presses together on the inside edge and slightly expands on the outside while maintaining the tubes internal diameter. Even bends on larger DN sizes can be made easily.   

Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing has been around for some time. It was originally developed in Japan in the 1980's as it is a far safer option in earthquake prone environments, allowing the gas installation some flexibility during a seismic event. Due to numerous other safety features and the fact that installation times can be significantly reduced, CSST systems have since become widespread throughout North America, and more recently in Europe. 



Secure Metal-Metal Seal 

Flexigas™ patented fittings create a 100% metal-to-metal seal (with no plastic gaskets or o-rings). As the fitting is tightened, the last corrugation of Flexigas™ CSST tubing is deformed into a flared configuration against the metal seat of the fitting. The sizable and reversible collets are easy to handle and align the Flexigas™ tubing assembly with the fitting during installation. 

The plastic cover does not play any mechanical function in the FlexiGas™ system, it is simply a cover to protect the tubing from damage & corrosion. The natural gas / LPG inside never comes into contact with any plastic components. Some suppliers of CSST fittings employ plastic or rubber gaskets and seals, our view is that plastics and gas (and fire) do not mix, its just common sense! As part of the BSI Kitemark certification scheme FlexiGas™ has undergone extensive testing under fire conditions including passing EN1775, Annex A. It is approved for use in protected areas such as fire escapes.
In the UK (under BS6891) it is a requirement to tape any exposed stainless steel, or any gaps between the cover and the fitting with silicone tape. Uniquely, the Flexigas™ fittings incorporate a brass tail on the nut which covers a portion of the yellow cover. This means there is a much smaller gap that needs to be taped (only the small gap between the nut and cover), meaning a much neater look when the job is finished. 



There's no contest, Flexigas™ is superior to copper. But here's why: 

  • Safer - CSST systems like Flexigas™ were originally designed for earthquake prone environments. While not a major concern in Europe, stress caused to rigid pipework (such as during the construction process, subsidence, or a major weather event) is a real possibility. Furthermore, as Flexigas™ requires far fewer fittings than conventional pipework, there are far fewer points in the gas installation from where a leak might occur.

  • Quicker - Flexigas™ connections can be made in seconds – a welcome alternative to soldering each joint. And as Flexigas™ can be passed around obstacles in a similar fashion to electrical cable, far fewer connections need to be made in the first place. For many typical installations only two fittings are required - one at the gas meter, the other at the appliance with only one long run of Flexigas tubing in-between.

  • Affordability - Flexigas™ is comparable to the cost of copper per metre, especially for larger DN sizes. When using Flexigas™, jobs are easier to estimate and significantly faster to complete, significantly reducing the overall cost of the job.

  • Neater - Once installed, Flexigas™ looks great. The yellow cover means that the tubing is easily identified as gas and the unique tail on the Flexigas™ fittings means only a very small amount of silicone tape is required.



Flexigas™ is certified under the British Standards KiteMark certification scheme. The Kitemark is recognised throughout the UK and the world as a mark of a truly quality product.

Flexigas™ is manufactured in accordance with BS 7838 and EN 15266. Additionally, Flexigas regularly undergoes continued testing and factory audits every 6 months conducted by Bristish Standards as part of our Kitemark certification. Flexigas has passed EN1775 Annex A fire testing and can be used in protected areas.  

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