Introducing FlexiGas™, flexible stainless steel semi-rigid gas tubing, designed for domestic

and commercial gas installations. Due to the numerous benefits, FlexiGas™ is the expert choice for plumbers who are looking for an efficient, lightweight, flexible alternative to rigid copper or steel. 

FlexiGas™ typically saves 50%-75% of the time required for copper or steel installations. Because of the semi rigid nature of the tubing, FlexiGas™ can be bent by hand and passed through interior spaces easily, in a similar fashion to electrical cable, resulting in fewer fittings being used. The unique FlexiGas™ fittings ensure a secure seal in a matter of seconds without the need for any specialist tools.

Designed for all domestic and commercial gas applications including new installations, repairs and extensions, the FlexiGas™ system will save you time and money. With no special tools required there are no setup costs associated with switching to the FlexiGas™ system.

The FlexiGas™ system is approved by BSI under the KiteMark certification scheme (#598726) and is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 15266:2007. 



What is Semi Rigid STainless steel Tubing (CSST Tubing)?

Semi Rigid Stainless Steel Tubing is flexible tubing made from a sheet of stainless steel that is formed into a series of corrugations. The corrugations are what allows the tube to bend easily by hand but still maintain the integrity and strength of a steel tube.

Flexible Steel Tubing was developed in Japan in the 1980's as it is a far safer option in earthquake prone environments. As Semi Rigid Stainless Steel Tubing also offers significant other safety benefits (due to to the fact that it requires far fewer fittings than conventional tubing) and due to the fact that it significantly reduces installation times, it has since become widespread throughout North America, and more recently in Europe. 

There are a number of different ways Semi Rigid Steel Tubing can be connected to fittings. FlexiGas fittings work by forming a 100% metal to metal seal (with no plastic gaskets or o-rings). The sizable and reversible collets are easy to handle and align the tubing assembly with the fitting during installation. Furthermore, the unique tail on the fittings covers a portion of the yellow cover which makes for a neater finish when silicone taping this gap.